Hurricanes Irma & María

Hurricanes Irma and especially Maria caused incredible destruction on the island of Puerto Rico, leveling roads, destroying buildings and killing an estimated 4,654.

Rich and poor, urban and rural, young and old, every resident has been affected by what is the worst natural disaster for the region on record, and a major humanitarian crisis.

Most crucially, Maria precipitated a total collapse of the island's energy grid, leaving the entire island without power and an estimated 80% of the transmission/distribution lines damaged.

The slow and cumbersome effort to restore the island's power systems (dilapidated and under-serviced before the storms hit) is currently underway, with some estimates predicting comprehensive restoration of the grid by winter 2018, a full 3-4 months after the storm hit. 


Our Story

Resilient Power Puerto Rico was launched by a group of friends from New York City with close ties to the Islands just hours after the devastating landfall of Hurricane Maria, with an immediate goal of bringing power to the most impacted communities through the deployment of solar generation and storage systems. In the months that followed Maria, RPPR has identified community groups that provide direct, critical services in historically underserved communities throughout Puerto Rico. We then channel resources and provide direct support through the deployment of small to medium active solar energy systems in their facilities.

The redundancy provided by these systems ensures the continuity in the provision of vital community services related to health, education, food, shelter and emergency management. Central to RPPR’s mission is the belief that continuous access to clean, renewable, redundant and independent energy generation and storage capacity is the cornerstone of a community’s ability to: engage in recovery initiatives, strengthen critical built and social infrastructure systems, and build a sustainable and equitable future.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Resilient Power Puerto Rico will leverage its network of committed collaborators to: strengthen communities’ capacities to assess and address their critical needs; increase local access to knowledge, tools, and resources for sustainable and equitable community development; and foster the continuity of critical built and social infrastructure systems.

A Puerto Rico with redundant, reflexive, and inclusive built and social infrastructures where communities across our Islands autonomously adapt to build a sustainable and equitable society.

Our Goals

  • Improve access to the knowledge and resources to design fully functional and accessible built and social infrastructure systems

  • Leverage resources to ensure the continued operation of critical assets in communities across the Islands

  • Advance public and private sector investments through the development of innovative financing mechanisms, with a focus on increasing access to financing for underserved communities and groups

  • Foster partnerships and collaborations between key stakeholders to strengthen communities’ capacities to respond to climate change.

  • Advance knowledge creation, exchange and dissemination to support the development of redundant, reflexive, and inclusive built and social infrastructure systems

  • Foster innovation to address our most critical built and social infrastructure challenges

The Team


Operational Team

Our field effort is headquartered at Marvel Architects’ San Juan Office, Marvel Marchand Architects – and includes the following team members:

  • Daniela Lloveras Marxuach

  • Jan Curet Alvarado

  • Joan I. Asencio Yace

  • Luis Carlos Robles


Jonathan J. Marvel, FAIA - President

Cristina Roig-Morris, ESQ - Vice President & Treasurer

José J. Terrasa-Soler, ASLA – Secretary



Partnering Organizations