Hurricanes Irma & María

Most crucially, Maria precipitated a total collapse of the island's energy grid, leaving the entire island without power and an estimated 80% of the transmission/distribution lines damaged. 

The slow and cumbersome effort to restore the island's power systems (dilapidated and under-serviced before the storms hit) is currently underway, with some estimates predicting comprehensive restoration of the grid by winter 2018, a full 3-4 months after the storm hit.

Hurricanes Irma and especially Maria caused incredible destruction on the island of Puerto Rico, leveling roads, destroying buildings and killing an estimated 4,654. Rich and poor, urban and rural, young and old, every resident has been affected by what is the worst natural disaster for the region on record, and a major humanitarian crisis.

Our Story

Resilient Power Puerto Rico  is a humanitarian effort, launched just hours after the devastating landfall of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico, organized by a group of friends from New York City with close ties with Puerto Rico.

RPPR's philanthropic mission is to bring independent electricity, water, and communications to the people of Puerto Rico.

Based on the successful model of the post-Sandy Storm humanitarian effort called Power Rockaways Resilience in Queens, New York; Resilient Power Puerto Rico (RPPR), develops agile efforts to offer photovoltaic  (PV) energy systems to the areas most impacted by hurricane Maria.

Co-founded by Cristina Roig-Morris, Jonathan Marvel, and Walter Meyer, RPPR is spearheading a grassroots initiative to bring solar micro-grids  to the island's most vulnerable services and populations. 

RPPR Makes this effort through donations and contributions of materials and work developed by a group of collaborators in New York and Puerto Rico.

Our Mission

Our goal is to connect to existing leadership and management structure and establish follow-through protocol with future FEMA capital.  As architects we can help prepare them for the long term rebuild needs, via short term phased recuperation of services and structures.  We can assess, quantify and coordinate between our technical team and the larger federal requirements to anticipate emergency relief monies. 
— Jonathan Marvel, Marvel Architects

Solar power systems offer relief by providing electric power and maintaining basic services necessary for the daily life of our communities. 

We strive for more than just power, we aims to bring energy resilience to every corner of Puerto Rico.

In advance of large-scale efforts, we can help Puerto Rico now and today, at once restoring power ahead of time in crucial community applications while also seeding the effort to create more resilient and sustainable communities in regions increasingly affected by the more extreme weather events of a changing climate.

Creating redundancy in the power system of Puerto Rico will provide security and reliability against future natural disasters or failures of the electrical system. 

What We hope to achieve

  • Raise funds to produce and gift solar-powered generators in 100 hospitals, clinics, schools, community resource centers and libraries to Puerto Rico's 78 municipalities.


  • Power up all of the 78 municipalities on the island, and thus quietly show Puerto Rico can work its way toward an island-wide micro-grid system.


  • Create jobs in a new tech sector in a grass roots installation capacity that will bring cash flow to isolated communities that have limited commercial opportunities.
  • Demonstrate how Puerto Rico is working toward an island-wide renewable redundant micro-grid.  Each municipal hub is a replicable model for multiple build-outs by local tech teams using micro low-interest loans to create neighborhoods of renewable electricity.


  • Make access to a solar-powered 1kW to 1.5kW system be within the reach of every household in Puerto Rico through low-interest micro loans. 



  • Lucilla Fuller Marvel - Planner
  • Pepe Benítez  - Energy Consultant, PR
  • Peter Davidson - Energy Consultant, NY
  • Fernando Lloveras - Para la Naturaleza
  • Walter Meyer - Local Office
  • Jennifer Bolstad- Local Office 
  • Fernando Abruña Architect, USGBC Puerto Rico Chapter Founder
  • Gustavo Rieckehoff | CSA Group


Our field effort is headquartered at Marvel Architects’ San Juan Office Marvel Marchand Architects – and includes the following team members:

  • Jonathan J. Marvel
  • José R. Marchand-Sifre
  • José Juan Terrasa-Soler
  • Cristina Roig
  • Jan Curet
  • Daniela Lloveras Marxuach