PR Energy Toolkit is Live

PR Energy Toolkit is Live

The PR Energy Tool Kit beta version is live!

The Puerto Rico Energy Toolkit is a comprehensive and interactive open database focused in supporting the growth of renewable energy in Puerto Rico. The Toolkit aims to strengthen collaborators’ capacities to implement renewable microgrids across the Islands most underserved and impacted communities, maximizing social impact investments.

One Year Later

Today we commemorate the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria’s landfall in Puerto Rico. This devastating event took the lives of thousands and exposed great problems in the existing infrastructure. The humanitarian crisis that ensued after hurricanes Irma and Maria caused massive destruction to the islands of Puerto Rico, collapsing the energy grid and damaging 80% of the transmission and distribution lines.

A year later we are witnessing an escalation in the destruction from the repeated devastation caused by hurricanes and tropical storms around the world.

In response to these events, Resilient Power Puerto Rico’s construction of community solar hubs and micro grids is changing the course of the Island’s energy supply and development at a grass roots level, providing power to the people last in line to receive it. With a team of architects, electrical engineers and certified installers, RPPR addresses the specific needs of each urban center and community. Community participation is paramount to make sure the solutions work well with the specific needs and expectations of the people we are serving.

 So far, RPPR has made over 28 installations island-wide and has more than 30 sites fully funded and set to be installed before December 2018. Funds for the solar installations come entirely from donations, and we could not have done this without the help of our donors, partners, and collaborators. The solar hubs are igniting community dialogues on urban resilience, preparedness, renewable energy, and energy independence, and a brighter future for our Islands.  

 Our vision is a Puerto Rico with redundant, reflexive, adaptable and inclusive built and social infrastructures, where communities across our Islands autonomously adapt and build a sustainable and equitable society.

 Help us continue striving towards this vision by donating through our website.

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Rio Piedras Site Visit

On Wednesday, The RPPR team drove to Rio Piedras for a site visit sponsored by Para La Naturaleza. A once a vibrant community, in recent years Rio Piedras has seen a massive population decline and structural damage to its buildings caused by abandonment and amplified by Hurricane Maria. Despite these factors, Rio Piedras continues to thrive, with community centers and churches throughout the area providing support to the populace. By handing out meals and offering free day care programs for children, these centers have become havens for the citizens of Rio Piedras following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The RPPR team and representatives from Para La Naturaleza visited one of these sites to determine its viability for a solar installation.

The first step in a long process, site visits are perhaps the most integral components of a solar installation. In order to judge whether a site is a viable location for a solar installation, The RPPR team takes precise measurements of the roof and examines the existing electrical system of the building. This is all made possible by hardworking individuals working for RPPR as well as the cooperation of our sponsors and the site representatives. We look forward to completing our solar installation in Rio Piedras and providing clean, resilient energy to the community.

Desarrollando la Resiliencia Energética en Puerto Rico

Check out this article by Cody Eaton discussing the Development of Energy Resiliency in Puerto Rico:

"Hurricane Maria exposed a truth that Puerto Ricans had known for a long time: the island's energy infrastructure was weak and needed urgent improvements. Calls to address this historic lack of investment were transmitted loud and clear in the months following the storm, but many combined factors curbed progress. "

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Iluminando a Playita

Under a clear, dusky sky, a small group of children sat down in plastic chairs while older members of the community stood behind, all facing dimly projected image in an improvised outdoor theater. We were in the center of the Playita community in San Juan, next to a small church building. A modest 1.5KW solar energy system provided electricity and lighting to the community through several public outlets and fixtures. As the video started rolling, the children excitedly pointed out each time a face they recognized appeared on the screen. Out of small portable speakers, the voice of community leaders, neighbors, and volunteers streamed with a first-hand recount of the destruction by hurricane María and the severe flooding that followed. A resident standing next to me, took out his phone and invited me to lean in and look over the photos he took of the flooding in same street we were in.

It was June 1st, the beginning of the hurricane season, and there was no better way to acknowledge this than remembering what we went through and taking the first steps in a new direction for a stronger, more resilient community.

The Playita solar energy and lighting systems was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Rockefeller Foundation and 100 Resilient Cities.

How being prepared for hurricane season starts with solar power in one Puerto Rico town

ABC News

Written by: Joshua Hoyos

Resilient Power Puerto Rico raises money from private donors and organizations to buy discounted and overstocked solar panels and install them at community centers at no cost to the local entities. There are currently 50 planned projects throughout the island.

Daguao’s community organization attained its solar panels thanks to Resilient Power Puerto Rico.

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Resilient Power Puerto Rico, Para la Naturaleza form resiliency partnership

Nonprofit organizations Resilient Power Puerto Rico and Para la Naturaleza have joined forces to help expedite recovery efforts in communities still struggling with the long-term impacts of hurricanes Irma and María in Puerto Rico.

The two organizations will collaborate to equip an initial 30 community centers with solar microgrids and rain catchment and filtration systems, they confirmed.

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