Rio Piedras Site Visit

On Wednesday, The RPPR team drove to Rio Piedras for a site visit sponsored by Para La Naturaleza. A once a vibrant community, in recent years Rio Piedras has seen a massive population decline and structural damage to its buildings caused by abandonment and amplified by Hurricane Maria. Despite these factors, Rio Piedras continues to thrive, with community centers and churches throughout the area providing support to the populace. By handing out meals and offering free day care programs for children, these centers have become havens for the citizens of Rio Piedras following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The RPPR team and representatives from Para La Naturaleza visited one of these sites to determine its viability for a solar installation.

The first step in a long process, site visits are perhaps the most integral components of a solar installation. In order to judge whether a site is a viable location for a solar installation, The RPPR team takes precise measurements of the roof and examines the existing electrical system of the building. This is all made possible by hardworking individuals working for RPPR as well as the cooperation of our sponsors and the site representatives. We look forward to completing our solar installation in Rio Piedras and providing clean, resilient energy to the community.