One Year Later

Today we commemorate the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria’s landfall in Puerto Rico. This devastating event took the lives of thousands and exposed great problems in the existing infrastructure. The humanitarian crisis that ensued after hurricanes Irma and Maria caused massive destruction to the islands of Puerto Rico, collapsing the energy grid and damaging 80% of the transmission and distribution lines.

A year later we are witnessing an escalation in the destruction from the repeated devastation caused by hurricanes and tropical storms around the world.

In response to these events, Resilient Power Puerto Rico’s construction of community solar hubs and micro grids is changing the course of the Island’s energy supply and development at a grass roots level, providing power to the people last in line to receive it. With a team of architects, electrical engineers and certified installers, RPPR addresses the specific needs of each urban center and community. Community participation is paramount to make sure the solutions work well with the specific needs and expectations of the people we are serving.

 So far, RPPR has made over 28 installations island-wide and has more than 30 sites fully funded and set to be installed before December 2018. Funds for the solar installations come entirely from donations, and we could not have done this without the help of our donors, partners, and collaborators. The solar hubs are igniting community dialogues on urban resilience, preparedness, renewable energy, and energy independence, and a brighter future for our Islands.  

 Our vision is a Puerto Rico with redundant, reflexive, adaptable and inclusive built and social infrastructures, where communities across our Islands autonomously adapt and build a sustainable and equitable society.

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 Thank you!