Partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute

The Puerto Rico Renewable Microgrids Program (RMP) is an initiative led in partnership between nonprofit Resilient Power Puerto Rico (RPPR) and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). The Program will facilitate knowledge creation, technical assistance and access to capital for the development of solar microgrid projects of varying sizes across economic and social sectors throughout Puerto Rico.



A robust, diverse and inclusive renewable energy sector, where the tools and resources for the development of renewable energy microgrids are available for the benefit of communities across Puerto Rico.


The Program will seek to improve energy resilience by fostering the development of renewable energy microgrids capable of: supporting community energy needs; increasing local control of energy resources; and providing continued access to energy to satisfy critical loads.


  1. To improve potential end-users’ access to the knowledge and resources needed for the development of renewable microgrids

  2. To leverage philanthropic funding to deploy renewable energy technologies for critical assets in vulnerable communities across the islands

  3. To advance private sector investment and the development of innovative financing mechanisms for renewable energy systems

  4. To support knowledge creation, exchange and dissemination regarding renewable energy microgrids across the islands

  5. To foster partnerships and collaborations between key energy sector stakeholders for the development of renewable energy microgrids